Senior IMC

Qualifiers for the Senior IMC finals day which is on Sunday 26th June:

Peter Bird (Chadsmoor)
Peter Cookson (Chadsmoor)
Jamie Wyer (Dudley Dell)
Jason Westwood (Dudley Dell)
Nathan Dawes (Dudley Dell)
Simon Homer (Dudley Dell)
Dan Taylor (ECC)
Graham Turner (ECC)
Aaron Tapper (M & B Cheslyn Hay)
Ben Dixon (Penn)
Rob Perry (Penn)
Barrie Sadler (Pennfields)
Craig Barker (Short Heath Liberal)
Gary Bateman (Short Heath Liberal)
Tony Rhodes (Short Heath Liberal)
Jamie Holdcroft (Stile)
Sean Lockley (Stile)
Chris Ward (Victoria Park)
Russell Baxter (Victoria Park)
John Corbett (Willenhall Nordley)
Kevin Hocknull (Willenhall Nordley)
Mark Hall (Willenhall Nordley)
Mark Jones (Willenhall Nordley)
Mark Picknell (Willenhall Nordley)
Paul Evans (Willenhall Nordley)
Cameron Baird (Windmill)
Kevin Handley (Windmill)
Lee Cavill (Windmill)
Bill Baugh (Wombourne)
Chris Marshman (Woodfield)
Craig Ainsbury (Woodfield)
John Newey (Woodfield)


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