Challenge & Consolation Cup

What a fantastic day on Dudley Dell Number 1 with some fine bowling from all four sides. We were all welcomed by Dudley Sports Club and Mick Brown did a fantastic job preparing the green for the day ahead.

Willenhall Trinity started the game off strongly going 17 up after the front four with a big card from Ian Davis against Lee Bevin. The other three games were very close and could have easily gone the other way.
Willenhall Trinity’s middle four really started off well. Mike Bill and Roy Tuckley recorded big wins to give them some breathing room and John Hobbs and Malcolm Franklin both brought home 21-20 victories to put Trinity 47 up.
Glasscutters had it all to do and even with a 21-3 winner in Wayne Berry against Rob Kempson, the deficit proved too much of a challenge. Claire Pugh battled with Peter Prescott but it was always a tough task to pull back the chalks. Great game and a new name is on the trophy with Willenhall Trinity winning by 16.

The Challenge Cup was always going to be close with two of the best sides in Staffordshire going head to head. The first four ends didn’t disappoint with James Duce pulling back some crucial shots at the death against Paul Evans. Tom Roden and Martin Gaut managed to overcome Kevin Hocknull and Richard Bate respectively but Dave Semper won 21-14 against Ben Dixon to put Nordley 4 up.
Penn’s middle four really turned the game on its head with Paul Busby seeing off Ian Whitehouse 21-9. A superb display from Gary Cooper against Nordley captain Scott Simpson put Penn in the driving seat with two more excellent cards from Ron Justice beating Ross Edwards and Jason Groom beating Mark Picknell.
Penn were 26 up going into the back four but Nordley weren’t giving up there. Some exceptional bowling from all of their back four kept chipping away from the shots. W&W captain Ant Bracken beat George Davies 21-7 and Mark Jones put in a great 2nd half display against Mark Crook to beat him 21-10. That left Dan Bodley and Mark Clayton with the task of pulling the one shot back and some great bowling at the end of his game earned Dan Bodley a 21-20 victory against Penn captain Rob Burroughs. This meant whoever was the victor out of Mark Clayton and Mark Stevens took home the cup for their side. Mark Clayton was already in control after the other three games came off so it was a case of just holding his nerve which he duly did. Willenhall Nordley won by 12 with the final card finishing 21-9.

Thank you to everyone who came to support these prestigious competitions. A new name on the Consolation Cup and a third Challenge Cup for Willenhall Nordley.

Full Challenge Cup Final results available here.

Full Consolation Cup Final results available here.


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