Senior Merit History

To view a list of bowlers by titles won click here.

Year Winner Club Runner Up Club
1904 H Newton Tettenhall
1905 F Withers Falcon
1906 H Newton Tettenhall
1907 E Powers Wednesfield
1908 E Adey Wednesfield
1909 E Powers Wednesfield
1910 E Powers

Also Won 1st ALL ENGLAND

1911 W White Wednesfield
1912 T Adey Pyle Cock
1913 C H Green Bilston Globe
1914 F Mason

A Robinson Won ALL ENGLAND

Pyle Cock
1915 W Shipton Newhampton
1916 S Garbett Jnr Wolverhampton
1917 J Gough


1918 F Thurstons Summer House
1919 A Foulkes Falcon
1920 H Cooper Willenhall St. Giles
1921 W Harrison Molineux
1922 B Hill Waverley
1923 W Harrison Newhampton
1924 W Mottram Willenhall Liberal H Harley Willenhall Liberal
1925 I Bradburn


Molineux F Thurstons Newhampton
1926 J Grainger Woodcross J Griffiths Pyle Cock
1927 H Griffiths Pyle Cock F Withers Heath Town
1928 J Emery Union Locks G Shelton ECC
1929 J Gough              

(Also Won ALL ENGLAND for 2nd time)

Molineux T Ecclestone Lotus
1930 G Howells Union Locks W E Harrison Molineux
1931 C Wolverson Star Foundry
1932 J Gough Molineux C Wolverson Star Foundry
1933 E Smith Bilston Town P Bosi Molineux
1934 J Gough Molineux B Hill Oaklands
1935 S Little Reedswood I Weekes Jnr Bilston Town
1936 J Tarbuck


Yale & Towne G Howells


Union Locks
1937 E Dainty Willenhall Prims W Vaughan Wilkes
1938 T Jones Quarry Bank E V Read Bilston Town
1939 R T Meese J T Gibbons A W Squire Willenhall Liberal
1940 H R Baker Woodfield C Rea Molineux
1941 G Howells Union Locks D Stringer Willenhall Prims
1942 J Bradburn Princess End J Clay Amery
1943 H Hicken Cheslyn Hay F Tomlinson Molineux
1944 F Wilding Chadsmoor F Saunders Union Locks
1945 P Newall ECC D Turner Bilston Town
1946 A E Beddows Uxbridge WMC S Loundes Manders
1947 C Rea Molineux H Smith Die Casting Co
1948 C Wolverson Rubery Owen S Griffiths GKN
1949 F Stringer Willenhall Prims E Bullock Star Hotel
1950 H Blakeway GKN H Rowley Sankey
1951 G Howells Union Locks J Hopkins Rubery Owen
1952 J Howells Heath Town A Moore Grange Park
1953 G Howells


Union Locks H Leeding GKN
1954 B Beeston Molineux S Beaman Union Locks
1955 C Reed Union Locks F Harrold Cannon Rec.
1956 H Rowley Sankey I Morris Bilston Town
1957 R F Wright Mangers J H Cox Stewart & Lloyds
1958 J Wakefield Chadsmoor S Gutteridge F H Lloyds
1959 G Howells Union Locks F Preece Hill Top
1960 J Jones Bilston Town R W Hodson


Bilston Town
1961 F Pardoe Stewart and Lloyds I Morris Bilston Town
1962 H Leeding GKN S Beaman Union Locks
1963 V Bloomer Hingleys J Howells Molineux
1964 R W Hodson Bilston Town B Duckers EEC
1965 K Beaman Butlers J Howells Molineux
1966 A Harrison Woodfield E Snape Amasal
1967 K Beaman Butlers D Turner Molineux
1968 P Bosi Woodfield K Wright Sedgley Ex-Svc
1969 C Rea Butlers N Ward EEC
1970 R W Hodson Bilston Town L Evans Chadsmoor
1971 B Preece Wednesbury Cons P Jones Woodfield
1972 P Harvey Penn W Naylor Hilly House
1973 B Duckers EEC M Pask Willenhall Liberal
1974 N Dawkes Bilston Town D L Burgwin Lichfield
1975 N Dawkes Bilston Town F Britton Molineux
1976 K Beaman Nordley H Mitchell Bilston Town
1977 M Evans Chadsmoor T Challenor Nordley
1978 D Morgan Eaton Yale K Davies Bilston Town
1979 R Peach Chadsmoor G Hudson Eaton Yale
1980 G MacGill M & B J Reep Raven
1981 S Jones Woodfield E Daly James Gibbons
1982 G Hawkins GEC R Marsh Springvale
1983 J Cheshire M & B W A Timmins Sedgley Ex-Svc
1984 W A Timmins Sedgley Ex-Service G Lloyd Bilston Town
1985 R Marsh Springvale D Bamford Nordley
1986 B Devaney Nordley V Bailey M & B Sports
1987 K Beaman Nordley R Marsh Springvale
1988 D Murray M & B M Orme Amery
1989 C Jones Woodfield S Jones Woodfield
1990 M Picknell IMI Marstons M Evans Chadsmoor
1991 R Pegram M & B S Davis M & B
1992 D Bate Willenhall Liberal R Marsh Old Ash Tree
1993 C Barker M & B Sports G Storer Chase Terrace
1994 A Matthews Victoria Park C Corbett Willenhall Liberal
1995 M Clayton Nordley I Wetton Universal
1996 G Storer Windmill C Barker M&B Wood Farm
1997 I Charles Nordley K Handley Windmill
1998 R Everitt Hawkins S Jones Woodfield
1999 C Barker Chadsmoor M Beaman Nordley
2000 S Edwards M & B Wood Farm A Matthews Victoria Park
2001 C Ward Victoria Park P Cookson Nordley
2002 M Ledwidge Chadsmoor M Hodgkinson Victoria Park
2003 S Davis M & B Cheslyn Hay R Everitt Hawkins
2004 C Halford Woodfield R Everitt Hawkins
2005 C Fellows Woodfield S Davis M&B Cheslyn Hay
2006 M Evans Chadsmoor C Ward Victoria Park
2007 I Whitehouse Nordley P Withey Dudley Dell
2008 M Picknell Nordley Liberal D Evans Nordley Liberal
2009 A Aldridge Nordley Liberal I Charles Woodfield
2010 S Edwards Victoria Park D Semper Nordley Liberal
2011 C Barker M & B Cheslyn Hay J Groom Penn
2012 M Picknell Willenhall Nordley J Wyer Dudley Dell
2013 C Barker M & B Cheslyn Hay C Ward Victoria Park
2014 P Evans M & B Cheslyn Hay M Picknell Willenhall Nordley
2015 C Barker M & B Cheslyn Hay M Brown Dudley Dell
2016 D Taylor ECC Mark Picknell Willenhall Nordley

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