Staffordshire vs North Midlands

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Venue – Coombs Wood Sports & Social Club, Stewarts Road, Halesowen B62 8ND

Overall Man of the Match: Simon Homer

Staffordshire Man of the Match: Dave Semper

Staffordshire North Midlands
Scott Simpson Willenhall Nordley 21 Dane Hopwood Newdigate 15
Nathan Dawes Dudley Dell 21 Matthew Horton Atherstone Cons 17
Craig Cartwright Dudley Dell 21 Russell Prosser Copeswood 20
Mark Picknell Willenhall Nordley 15 Mark Burdett Copeswood 21
Aaron Tapper M & B Cheslyn Hay 11 Andy Gibbs Copeswood 21
Simon Homer Dudley Dell 21 Paul Lamb Copeswood 7
Dave Semper* Willenhall Nordley 21 Jordan Baddeley Atherstone Cons 7
James Duce Penn 6 Daniel Edkins Attleborough 21
Jason Westwood Dudley Dell 21 Shane Day Haunchwood 17
Mark Rose Stile 21 Adie Hughes Wilnecote 16
Nick Newey Woodfield 21 Chris Challen Atherstone Cons 15
Peter Withey Dudley Dell 20 Stuart Nash Haunchwood 21
220 198
Reserves Reserves
Jason Groom Penn Michael Warrington Stockingford
Dave Semper Willenhall Nordley Matty Allen Phoenix Foxes
Leigh Burdett Copeswood
Darren Tring Haunchwood

*Brought in for Dave Taylor (ECC)


Venue – Copeswood Sports & Social Club, The Pavilion, Allard Way, Coventry CV3 1JP

Overall Man of the Match: Chris Ward

Staffordshire Man of the Match: Mark Jones

North Midlands Staffordshire
Jamie Dunn Newdigate 21 David East M & B Cheslyn Hay 18
Peter Varney Newdigate 19 Chris Ward Victoria Park 21
Andy Parker Haunchwood 16 Kevin Keary Chadsmoor Progressive 21
Richard Burdett Coundon 21 Glyn Storer Windmill 13
Steve Pratt Bedworth 21 Andy James Stile 14
Karl Shanks Coundon 19 Stuart Edwards Chadsmoor Progressive 21
Stuart Perry Attleborough 16 Mark Jones Willenhall Nordley 21
Darren Day Haunchwood 20 Kevin Handley Windmill 21
Jim Robertson Newdigate 17 Gary Cooper Penn 21
Liam Bench Stoke Coventry 21 Paul Busby Penn 19
Noel Bates Haunchwood 21 Peter Cookson Chadsmoor Progressive 20
Alan Belcher Haunchwood 21 Gordon Hawkins Haunchwood 17
233 227
Reserves Reserves
Tyler Dewis Haunchwood Ben Dixon Penn
Ben Percival Atherstone Cons Mark Garbett Chadsmoor Progressive
Anton Davis Foleshill Gas Mick Ledwidge Chadsmoor Progressive
Jay Sahan Foleshill Gas
Adam Bell Stockingford