Wish List

What would you like to see on the Staffordshire website? Please post ideas here.



2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Hi Scott I certainly think you need all forms for The registration of Bowlers not only for the County but also for Registering new bowlers for there BCGBA number, I’ve recently been asked to supply a form for BCGBA No by John Elsmore from Essington B.C. After trawling around the net I had to resort to my old files, I found one but with Mac Farlow’s details on it. I think updated form along these lines would be a great help and time saver.
    I do my own web site for Essington and the biggest problem is getting members to inform you of any information, and the other thing Scott when the info does start to materialise you will need help it’s very time consuming.
    Good Look with the site I do look at it on a regular basis and it’s good and getting better.


    1. Current form is on this site, there is a new one on its way as we establish a new National Registration Structure, this will include a number for each league, club and the county. The annual NRA1 form will also change. Mark County Registrar.


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